Tuesday, 24 September 2013

W.I eat your heart out!

Well, where did the summer go, and yes we can really say we have had a summer this year, the weather was great much to our guests delight, so different from previous years. It is even continuing into September at the moment too. We did have a few stormy days last week and the veggie patch, especially the runner beans, have fallen victim of the high winds. I have been busy doing my W.I. bit and making lots of chutneys, jams and preserves to keep us and our guests going through winter. I have made runner bean chutney for the first time this year and it tastes great - very impressed! The lambs are taking a time to fatten up as the weather hasn't been the best for them this year, with a slow start earlier in the year. We have taken 5 off to the abattoir that were born in January but the other 14 will be another month or so yet, still it is nice to have some lovely homegrown lamb back in the freezer now. We are getting busy for Christmas and New Year and only have 2 cottages left for Christmas and 1 left for New Year, so we are hoping these will go too and be a full house!

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