Monday, 22 September 2014

What a busy year it has been, hence the very long gap since I last wrote anything!  I don't know where the summer went, -t was beautiful - apart from a couple of dodgy weeks in August.  We have been fully booked in the cottages for months now and continue to be until the beginning of November.  Lots of repeat guests coming back down to see us which is great.
Nige and I have been working really hard around the grounds and gardens trying to keep on top of all the growing that has been taking place due to the lovely warm weather.
All animals are doing well and we are looking forward to sending off the lambs at the beginning of October as our freezer is now empty of yummy lamb - I know that sounds a bit heartless - but it so very tasty!
The pigs: Ant, Dec, Fern and Holly (!) have still to another 2 months grace and then they will be heading the same way. We should be well stocked up for winter then!

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